Kristy Hudson

Kristy Hudson hails from Southern California, a true native with a passion for acting and entertaining since childhood. Kristy’s first test of confidence came in the third grade when she auditioned for the part of Santa Claus alongside twenty little boys. Her sheer commitment prevailed, and she landed the role.

Kristy has gone on to study acting at the Loft Conservatory and The Groundlings, as well as under Amy Lyndon, Margie Haber and Richard Kline to name a few. Kristy is currently crafting her skills at The Archibald Studio under Craig Archibald.

Most recently, Kristy can be seen in “Shining City,” which premiered as a finalist at the New York Television Festival hosted by NBC.

Besides acting Kristy is a huge animal lover, hiker, cyclist, tennis player, and loves a good comedy with her favorite fan, her Mom.